Monday, January 18, 2016

Tornado! In The Middle Of The Night

Tornado! In The Middle Of The Night
By Melody Fernandez Schafer

It was the middle of the night when the winds picked up & I went looking for our weather radios. I am a night owl & the family was sleeping.  I have 3 radios. I could not get the first 2 to work. Thank goodness, the 3rd radio worked and was startled by the tornado warning for our area.

We live in Southwest Florida, and we consider our ourselves a family who is "normally" prepared for any type of emergency or disaster. This time of year is not when we are normally looking for extreme weather. At 3am most people were sleeping as well.

January is a very busy time for Florida with many tourist here on vacation. Many stay in RVs or trailres which can be a dangerous place to be during high winds of any kind. Unfortunately, a grandmother and grandfather were killed and 4 of their grandchildren were hospitalized.

Other people were injured & were sent to the hospital. Windows were blown out and debris scattered about. These people were on Siesta Key, which is an amazing place to visit during the cold season, with the most beautiful, white, soft, powdery sand along the Gulf of Mexico.

This night I realized we were not as prepared as we should have been. We all need to take a look at our situations and ask ourselves...if the power were to go out....
1. Do I have enough cash on hand to buy more food, water, gas & other supplies?
2. If the stores are closed or sold out of what we we have enough to get buy for at least 3 days? One week? Longer? How long could you stay at home with what you have?
3. If the water is not running & you are out of you know how or can you purify water you may find in the canal or other places?
4. Do you have enough important medications on hand to last you one week? One month? What if there was a disruption in the long could you survive without your medication?
5. If you had to evacuate? Do you have a bug out bag? What do you have in it? Where would you go?

These are the type of qustions we need to ask ourselves BEFORE an actual emergency happens.

Are you prepared? Get ready now!

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